Camp Workers
Camp workers are the next step within the R.M. Pyles Boys Camp program. The boys who have made it this far are the best of the best. Workers at Pyles Camp learn a positive and meaningful work ethic and are becoming role models for the younger campers. These young men are often experiencing their first job at Pyles Camp. They will be able to develop themselves under supervision of senior staff.2009 1st Session 4_500

Pyles Leadership Training (PLT’s)
When the workers reach the age of 18, Pyles Camp offers a Leadership Training Course for one session in the summer. This course has been developed by leaders within the Pyles Camp Family with over 50 years of leadership experience. The skills and techniques in this course are designed to prepare them to become Counselors at Pyles Camp. This course is also a valuable tool for those entering the work force, as well as the final step to becoming a counselor and becoming eligible for the Pyles Camp Scholarship.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

More than 90% of our counselors have come up through the Pyles Camp Program. They start as campers and work their way up. This gives us a unique group of young adults with many years of camp experiences in learning our program before they reach this point and as such understand the impact that our camp has on our boys. As counselors they are also eligible to participate in the Scholarship Program.100_0857

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"As a camper and counselor, Pyles help mold and shape my future so that the man I am today reflects the dedication and creative positive energy I received at camp. I am retired and spend some time reflecting on my past. What a joy it is to have this camp experience in my life"

1951 Camper