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In 1977 Pyles Camp Board of Directors saw the need to create a College Scholarship Program to assist the many deserving staff members who would not otherwise be able to attend Colleges, Universities and Technical Schools.   This unique program has helped over 170 staff members to date, with more than $459,000 in aid.  The Scholarship program is supported by donations and the Pyles Camp operational budget. The scholarships are awarded based on need, the amount of time the staff member worked at camp, and their grade point average.

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"This past year since going to your camp I have used the values and lessons you taught me. By using these, I lettered in wrestling, have become a better friend to my parents, become more responsible and have excelled in art. All of this because your camp taught me perseverance, courage, courtesy, manners, chores and hard work"

Brad, Camper from Ventura