R. M. Pyles Boys Camp is a youth leadership and character development program for selected boys 12 to 14 years of age. Over 22,000 boys have participated in our program since 1949. Pyles Camp seeks to help our youth through a unique wilderness camp experience, winter follow-up, second year summer camp, leadership development and college scholarship programs. The focus is building self-confidence, setting goals, developing decision making abilities and learning that success comes only through significant personal effort.

Each year over 450 boys from five Southern California counties are selected to attend one of our six first year sessions. Pyles Camp is not for juvenile delinquents; it's a structured program that promotes pride, self-confidence, hard work and having fun. In 1992 the camp was honored by a personal visit by President George Hebert Walker Bush who designated Pyles Boys Camp as one of his Thousand Points of Light. Founded in 1949 by Robert M. Pyles, an independent oilman, Pyles Camp is supported by fund raising special events, individuals, private industry and foundations in each local community we serve. Pyles Camp received no federal or state funds, nor is there ever any cost to the boy's family.


Pyles Camp is a "grass roots" organization built on the concept of people helping people. Our volunteers serve as role models to help shape the boys' lives to rise above their circumstances and be the best citizens they can be.

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A safe, secure, fun camp

We are accredited by the American Camp Association and adhere to their highest standards. Most of our well trained staff are former campers who are now in college and understand the impact that camp can have.

Young enough to influence

Pyles Camp's first-year program is for boys 12 to 14 years old, when they are old enough to understand the concepts and factors affecting their lives, yet young enough to change.

Personal Responsibility

Accepting responsibility and the consequences of one's actions are principles constantly taught at Pyles Camp. Boys learn that they alone are responsible for their success, not their parents, their school or the government.

Character Development

The entire program is geared toward increasing self-confidence and instilling the values of hard work, goal setting and problem solving.

Role Models

Nearly every staff member is a former camper and a graduate of Pyles Boys Camp Leadership Program. These walking role models are a constant reminder that it is within each boy's ability to rise above their often frightful circumstances.

Crucial follow up

After the initial summer experience, reunions, field trips, home visits, camp outs, letter and a yearbook help reinforce positive behavioral changes achieved at camp. When they return home, Pyles Boys Camp staff and counselors remain available for them to listen, advise and lend a supportive hand.

Multiple year opportunities

Pyles Boys Camp only begins with the summer camping experience and winter follow-up. Those campers who exhibit leadership potential are invited to join our second-year Lioneer Program. Pyles also offers leadership development and college scholarship programs.

Participant Goals Set the Standard

Each level at Pyles is like a rung on a ladder. A ladder of growth and learning. Our hope is that one never stops learning at Pyles Camp, no matter how far up the ladder one has climbed. Listed below are the participant goals for each level in our program.

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  • Increase self-confidence
  • Develop positive work habits
  • Increase socialization skills
  • Increase ability to set and achieve goals
  • Become success and future oriented
  • Introduce to positive conflict resolution
  • Introduction to leadership skills

  • Increase awareness of being a role model
  • ncrease leadership ability
  • Increase personal initiative
  • Develop decision making skills
  • Increase positive conflict resolution skills

  • Focus on being role models
  • Develop positive work skills
  • Take ownership of actions and acceptance of consequences
  • Develop teamwork in a working environment Increase
  • Development of conflict resolution and mediation skills
  • Internalize concept of fairness

Group Counsleors
  • Develop effective interpersonal and group facilitation skills
  • Develop leadership ability
  • Become proficient in decision-making ability
  • Improve conflict resolution and mediation skills
  • Safety awareness & Back country Emergency Care certification
  • Develop concern for the individual
  • Understand liability issues concerning working with minors
  • Develop a "hands-on" mentality
  • Take personal pride in their role at camp

Seasonal Assistant Directors & Senior Counselors
  • Develop supervision skills
  • Develop organization skills
  • Develop public speaking skills
  • Develop crisis management skills
  • Develop training and facilitation skills
  • Full awareness of the "big picture"
  • Full awareness of liability issues Advanced First Aid/EMT ability
  • Excellent conflict resolution and mediation skills
  • Develop working knowledge of operation and maintenance of physical plant

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"This past year since going to your camp I have used the values and lessons you taught me. By using these, I lettered in wrestling, have become a better friend to my parents, become more responsible and have excelled in art. All of this because your camp taught me perseverance, courage, courtesy, manners, chores and hard work"

Brad, Camper from Ventura