Camp is all about fun, meeting new people, participating in great activities, challenging yourself and learning more about who you are in the process.

We have great fun activities including:

  •   Horseback riding (never been on a horse? give it a try cowboy!);
  •   Archery (can you hit the target in the middle?);
  •  Crafts  (make a mask and see if it looks like you);
  • Nature (ever see the skin of  a snake?  or bones of a turtle? or looked through a telescope at the moon?);
  • Sports (how far can you hit a baseball…in the mud?);
  • Ropes course (like to challenge yourself…this is IT!);
  • Olympic Games (every sport imaginable and some you can’t imagine!);
  • Backpacking (5 days in the forest…cooking for yourself and your buddies and sleeping under the stars…fabulous!)

And so much more…this is an experience you will not forget for the rest of your life…come and    join in on the adventure…you will do things you never thought you could and when you get home you will be a different person! With a camp name…all that in just 10 days.

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"I am missing and remembering every day I spent at camp. I’ll never forget the campfires and every camper I met. I want you to know that I will use the things I learned and put them in my box of tools. In the woods it was peaceful and beautiful"

Christian, Camper


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