Do you think about how your time at Pyles Boys Camp? It was probably some of the most memorable times in your teen years. For many of you it was probably a changing point in your life.   If you would please fill in the information below, we will be building our Alumni Database and using it to keep in touch.   We have many ways that you might be able to help.  Each spring we have 2 work parties in camp getting it ready for boys in the summer, you can put your skills to good use, we also have fund raisers, reunions and other events throughout the year (wouldn’t it be great to see your cabin again).

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"As a camper and counselor, Pyles help mold and shape my future so that the man I am today reflects the dedication and creative positive energy I received at camp. I am retired and spend some time reflecting on my past. What a joy it is to have this camp experience in my life"

1951 Camper


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